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Strategic Alternatives in the Hospitality Industry

mars 29 @ 1:00 e.h. - 5:00 e.h.

Management Contracts, Franchising and Ownership

March 29th, 1pm – 5pm, at Reykjavik University
Price: 59.000 ISK / 10% afsláttur fyrir félagsmenn í SAF

Gain a hands-on understanding of the different strategic scenarios in the hospitality industry today with this 4-hour intensive course.
In the hospitality industry most executives today agree that the three main strategic alternatives for growth are Management Contracts, Franchising Contracts and Ownership. Every industry executive should have an in-depth knowledge of the three of them, the positive and negative implications of each of them, and the different strategic factors that should be considered when deciding which one is the best for your company or your individual hospitality business.
The course is designed to provide a general perspective of these three strategic alternatives from a managerial viewpoint. The objective is to examine management contracts, franchising contracts and ownership from different angles to get a full scope of the main strategic options in the hospitality industry today.
Instructor: Ramon Diaz-Bernardo, professor at IE Business School in Madrid and a Visiting Professor at Reykjavik University.
Further information: Guðmunda Smáradóttir, forstöðumaður Opna háskólans í HR – gudmundas@ru.is


mars 29
1:00 e.h. - 5:00 e.h.
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