The Icelandic Travel Industry Association team welcomes you to Iceland!

Jóhannes Þór Skúlason, framkvæmdastjóri SAF

Jóhannes Þór Skúlason, Managing Director

Tel: 690 9414

Jóhannes is a yule lad who doesn’t know how to use self service checkouts. Other than that he’s a pretty nice guy.

Anna G. Sverrisdóttir, verkefnastjóri SAF

Anna G. Sverrisdóttir, Project Manager, Environment and Natural Resources

Tel: 892 7335

Anna is lovely, extremely experienced and a scout!

Benedikt S. Benediktsson, lögfræðingur SAF

Benedikt S. Benediktsson, Legal Counsel

Tel: 864 9136

He’s a lawyer. Need we say more?

Gunnar Valur Sveinsson, verkefnastjóri SAF

Gunnar Valur Sveinsson, Project Manager

Tel: 822 0058

Gunnar is everywhere. There are not many things, if anything, that Gunnar is not involved in within the association 🙂

María Guðmunsdóttir, fræðslustjóri SAF

María Guðmunsdóttir, Director of Training and Education

Tel: 822 0056

María knows everything about education and training, programs such as Haefnissetrid and Vakinn and all sorts of neat stuff. She clearly knows her stuff!

Skapti Örn Ólafsson, upplýsingafulltrúi SAF

Skapti Örn Ólafsson, Communications Director

Tel: 899 2200

There is no way we could list all the things that Skapti does. He’s like an octopus with his tentacles everywhere! And he is also the most creative event planner in Iceland!

Vilborg Helga Júlíusdóttir, hagfræðingur SAF

Vilborg Helga Júlíusdóttir, Chief Economist

Tel: 897 2103

Indices, statistics, number of tourists, calculations, graphs and all sorts of stuff… Vilborg knows all of it. That’s because she’s an economist, you see!